Latina Rosarii – the Latin of the Rosary

Many traditional Catholics want to learn Latin but are overwhelmed by the huge vocabulary and by the unfamiliar grammar concepts. It is common to hear of students starting a new course, only to abandon it once the initial enthusiasm wanes.

Latina Rosarii integrates the study of Latin with the student’s prayer life. The text takes the prayers of the Rosary and Angelus and works with this limited vocabulary to teach the basics of Latin grammar: conjugations, declensions, tenses, mood and voice.

A review of English grammar ensures that students have a firm grasp of their own language before proceeding on to Latin. The course is perfect for older students for whom this may be the first (or only) exposure to Latin grammar.

Each lesson is designed to be used over the course of a week, although this may be tailored to the students’ needs.

The Latina Rosarii programme has several components, each designed to fill a specific need on your journey to learning the sacred language of Latin.

Latina Rosarii Video Course: The Latina Rosarii Teacher Guide (below) is presented as a series of 36 short lessons in slide format, with new concepts highlighted and correct pronunciation given throughout. Accompanied by the Text and Supplementary Exercises in digital form. Click here to watch Lesson 1 or click here to purchase:

Latina Rosarii Teacher Guide: In-depth introduction to Ecclesiastical Latin, based on the prayers of the Rosary. Introduces declensions; conjugations; tenses, mood and voice. 36 lessons. Instant digital download. Click here to purchase:

Supplementary Exercises: Extra exercises for each of the 36 lessons in Latina Rosarii. These are ideal for home-educated students or for those who are less confident with English grammar. Instant digital download. Click here to purchase:

A free Sample of Lesson 1 is available for download here, and with the Table of Contents, it provides an outline of the Latina Rosarii format. Instant digital download.

Latina Rosarii Digital Bundle: Contains the Teacher Guide, Text and Supplementary Exercises. This bundle is ideal for home-educators who wish to teach Latin to their children, or for older students who prefer a traditional workbook format. A sample lesson can be found here. Instant digital download.

The Latin version of the prayers of the Rosary and Angelus are available as a free download here. Download, print and laminate, then keep the prayers near your home altar to make memorisation easier. Instant digital download.