Our main product, Latina Rosarii, is a 36-lesson course based on the prayers of the Rosary and Angelus. It is available in two formats: video and downloadable text. For a complete explanation of the course, click here:

Latina Rosarii – The Latin of the Rosary. Available as a full course with downloadable text and 36 engaging videos, all based on the prayers of the Rosary. Click here to purchase and for more information:

Our original text, Latina Rosarii, is a Latin Primer for the Reluctant. Using the vocabulary of the Rosary and Angelus prayers, the 36 lessons introduce the student to declensions, conjugations, mood, voice and tense. Click here for more:

This bundle of digital products comprises the Latina Rosarii Teacher Guide, the Text and the Supplementary Exercises. It is ideal for home-educators who want to personally teach their children Latin. Click here to purchase and for more information:

The digital version of the Teacher Guide is also available for purchase separately. Click here for more details:

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD. Extra exercises for each of the 36 lessons in Latina Rosarii. Ideal for home-educated students or for those who are less confident with English grammar. Instant digital download. Click for more:


Wondering if this course is for you? Free sample pages from Latina Rosariiclick here:


Print a copy to make learning your Latin Rosary and Angelus easier – click here:

*FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD* Download then print this game to make learning Latin the Latina Rosarii vocabulary a family project. Instructions are included: to access, click here: