Introducing ‘Tego’

Games are a fun and painless way to consolidate and supplement your Latin studies. My students and children love them – and who wouldn’t prefer a game to the more arduous written work?

Tego (I cover) is modelled after Bingo and uses words from the Latina Rosarii vocabulary. This version is aimed at juniors and includes only one and two syllable words to keep things simple for younger students. However, older students will also find it a fun way to work on their vocabulary.

Adult students of Latina Rosarii may like to use Tego as a way of introducing their children to Latin, while also ensuring that the course vocabulary becomes embedded in their long-term memories.

And the best thing about Junior Tego? It’s completely free. Like most of our products, Junior Tego is a digital file, available for instant download. Simply download, print and laminate then start playing. All you will need are some kind of counters to cover the words on your Tego sheets. You may like to use coins or pebbles, or you could purchase a bag of counters from Officeworks for a few dollars.

Junior Tego is available for instant download here:

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