Website change

Dear friends of the Rosary,

Laudetur Jesus Christus! (praised be Jesus Christ!)

I logged onto this website a few days ago, intending to make some radical changes and found, to my surprise, that a few of you have signed up for email newsletters from Pax Orbis. Web hosting platforms, in this case, WordPress, usually alert the owner when someone signs up, but for some reason, that didn’t happen with Pax Orbis.

I had never intended to send regular emails in any case, but planned simply to continue to add new public Rosary venues as I learned of them.

Some of you may know that I am no longer running the First Saturday rosaries in Melbourne – that is now a Men’s Rosary – and also that I am about to officially launch my business: an introductory Latin course based on the prayers of the Rosary.

Since the payment for this website was automatically deducted before I could make a decision about whether or not to keep it going, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and set this site up for my business while including information about the Rosaries as well.

The email I am sending today – the one you are reading – is to let you know about these changes. You are most welcome to unsubscribe from this list if you don’t wish to receive the kinds of emails that I will be sending from now on. These will be related to Catholic home-education, to Latin and to my little online business. If I do hear of new public Rosaries, then I will add those to the site without sending a special email about it.

You will be able find the list of Rosary venues under the ‘Pax Orbis‘ tab once the site is updated. (This may take a little while for me to finish.)

From now on, the site will be the name of my business: Ora et Labora (Work and Pray). This was the motto of St Benedict and is well-suited to home-educating parents who are always trying to balance their various roles as educators, logistics experts and imitators of Christ.

Please do unsubscribe without any scruples if my future content is not for you. But do let me know if you hear of any new regular public Rosaries in your area.



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